Saturday, 5 April 2014

Endless Wisdom and Compassion

The Endless Knot

Endless Knot—symbolic of Buddha's mind, representing endless wisdom and compassion; reminiscent of the cyclic reality of existence. 

The Pan Chang knot (also known as the Endless knot or the Mystic knot) is one of the eight buddhist treasures. It represents the endless cycle of life, the infinite wisdom of Buddha, the duality (yin and yang) of existence, and is also a symbol of balance and harmony.
Additionally, from older traditions, knots are thought to be where gods dwell and as a result bring good luck. It is for this reason that monks would wear knots and knots are hung in temples.
shutara: “flower knots”. knots are where the gods dwell, and knots hung in a room will drive away evil spirits and invite good fortune. Shutara were hung on a monk’s shoulders over the formal surplice to ensure that the words of the sutras would not be dispersed.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pug Love

I adore Pugs! As soon as I move to a bigger place with a garden and spent less hours away from home, I am getting one. They are adorable. In the meanwhile I will make do with a drawing :-) 

Carpe Diem - Hug a Pug!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Winter Whites

Well I have had this illustration ready for when the first snow would fall from the sky this Winter. But I guess (HOPE) we are having the mildest Winter in 300 years (I think I read that somewhere...).

So here goes my Snow Angel...
Snow White