Thursday, 29 July 2010

Colour clash

Have a bad headache today, so was hard to focus, but I did manage to make this illustration.
Dress by Prada
Coat by Iceberg
Cloggs by Chanel

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Alexander McQueen

After dinner I decided that I wanted to do some more drawing and painting. So just finished this one. It doesn't fit all the way under my scanner. So also made pictures with my mobile.


I love owls. I think they are majestic and beautiful animals. They fascinate  me somehow. I even went as far as getting an owl tattooed on my arm.

This little painting was inspired by a photograph by Emily Abay and Bec Winnel. It is a feature about singer Bertie Blackman for Fashion Journal. The photographs were first shot by Emily and then Bec who is a graphic designer "drew the animals and put them on top of 3 photos." (I really thought that those birds and the cats were real). The inspiration for the images came from Bertie’s song Byrds of Prey, Black Cats and White Owl.

Lol had a little fight with a mosquito last night and it bit me right in the eye. So I had to draw with one eye shut. Not easy I must say!