Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cotton Candy at Betsey Johnson Spring 2011

YAY! I have not seen a catwalk show more fun than this Betsey Johnson show!
Colourful Betsey Johnson treated the runway like a stage at NYC Fashion Week at her Spring 2011 show. Entitled ‘Le Tour de Betsey,’ the performance began with Betsey Johnson on a bicycle.
It combined lots of styles like sporty, girly, rock 'n roll, sailor-theme and chic. 

And this fluro ballerina frothy pink party dress!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jill Stuart Fall 2011

For Fall, Jill Stuart was inspired by Heidi Specker's photos of the Black Forest in Germany. This reference came across in the collection via color-blocking in a palette of vibrant autumn hues—currant, teal, cognac, and emerald. And also in a more literal interpretatioon with owls and foxes on shift dresses and blouses.

It is not a secret that I adore owls, so I am absolutely in love with this collection. Also the colours are the colours I love. My colour type being Autumn.