Saturday, 19 March 2011

looking for images

Dear all!
I would love to draw other people then just celebs and models. I want to draw real people, real people with style. I would like to ask you to send me your favourite photographs (of yourself or a photo you took) and give me permission to use them for one of my illustrations. I do not make money with these. They are pure for my own and (I hope) other people's joy.
Thank you.



When I think of Easter, I think of Easteregg hunts. A friend of mine has been organising an Easteregghunt for years now. We all gather in a park, look for eggs and end the hunt with drinks and lunch somewhere. It is always good fun.

Fashionwise when I think of Spring, the Dolce Gabanna Spring 2011 Campaign immediately sprung to mind.  So that inspired me to do this watercolourpainting.

The D&G ad campaign is colorful and fresh. I twas photographed by the wonderful Mario Testino.The collection was inspired by gardens and flowers and features bright and colorful floral and checkered prints.

Unfortunately my friends and I don't wear airy clothes like this with Easter (I remember one Easter with a snowstorm!). But who knows. Anything is possible.