Saturday, 19 March 2011

looking for images

Dear all!
I would love to draw other people then just celebs and models. I want to draw real people, real people with style. I would like to ask you to send me your favourite photographs (of yourself or a photo you took) and give me permission to use them for one of my illustrations. I do not make money with these. They are pure for my own and (I hope) other people's joy.
Thank you.


  1. thank you for your lovely comment! i LOVE your drawings!!! you are very talented! sure you can use my photo, make sure to send me copy of your drawing i'll post it on my blog and link it to yours! how about following each others blogs?

  2. I will!! Thank you so much.

  3. Hello there! I found your work totally amazing and it would be a plaisir to have something done by you. What do you think? I would absolutely post it on my blog and promote you. :)