Thursday, 10 February 2011

Catching Love

Got a bit infected by all the Valentines stuff everywhere. So decided to do a Valentine - sort of - themed little watercolour this morning.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Ready to Fish - AIFW 2011

Ready to Fish by Ilja Visser is also one of the stores in Amsterdam that I check out regularly.
Next to Ready to Fish fashion you can buy designer furniture and perfume there. You can even download music in the Brand Store. Think Colette but smaller.

Every first Friday of the month they organise a little get-together after work where friends, people from the industry, clients and fans can meet up in a nice environment. During this event Ready to Fish can express their love for music and art. Every month they host up and coming musicians, producers, bands and dj’s from Amsterdam to perform in our store. Sign up to their Newsletter to keep up to date.

Anyway back to the AIFW 2011 show. Cirque de Burlesque was the theme for the show.

“..So come on, escape with me
To a world where magic can be..”

Ilja designed her Escapism Collection with pleated pants, tough denim shorts, capes, floaty black tops and chunky knitwear. There was a lot of black, combined with shades of grey, red and a graphic print. The models had large afro wigs and some red and blue details in their make-up.

I love the look! It looks so comfy and funky! Edgy but still feminine.

Even though the theme was Cirque de Burlesque, I decided to go for the obvious koi-fish in my illustration, just because I love koi so much and because I can...;-)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tony Cohen at AIFW 2011

Because I was too ill to watch tv or a computerscreen for the past weeks. I finally caught up with the catwalkshows of the AIFW last evening. And I have seen such beautiful creations.
 On of my favourite shows was Tony Cohen's.

I walk past Tony Cohen's store in Amsterdam everyday on my way to work and I always look forward to seeing what is on display in the shopwindow. Tony Cohen's designs are very much my taste.

The AIFW catwalkshow was very 60's Couture. Lots of floaty dresses, lots of pleating and draping, a-symmetrical cuts and metallics. Rich materials such as chiffon, fur, leather, silk, wool and beautiful warm brown and red colours.

This is one of the dresses, it reminded me of a poppy. I love it.