Monday, 23 August 2010

Mad Women

I just adore the Mad Men inspired fashion.

Louis Vuitton's Fall2010 campaign sets the spotlights on the 40′s, 50′s retro vibe of ultra-glam femmes, in diva-ish gear with full skirts and nipped in waists. Wearing full-out glamourous accessories and dressed to the hilt at all hours. 

Prada's Fall 2010 collection was heavy, full, and ultimately classic. The fifties and early-sixties influences were obvious to say the least: cat's eye glasses, beehives, and hourglass silhouettes will have fans of  Mad Men enthralled.

Who else could take a long, lean skirt in sumptuous floral-print duchesse silk, pair it with an oversized, sleeveless sweatshirt and make the mismatched ensemble the height of chic? Yes it is Dries van Noten.
Van Noten weaved disparate elements – from rough canvas fabrics in military drab to fancy, matador-style silver embroidery – into a gorgeous, toned-down collection. An indigo stain spread down one bottle-shaped cocktail dress with a nipped waist, making the floral silk look as if it had been on the receiving end of a bottle of India ink. (In fact, it had. Van Noten said his team brushed on layer after layer of indigo paint onto the silk.)