Saturday, 16 July 2011

Karlie Kloss for H&M

Just playing and sketching with markers. They will never be my favourite medium.
Did this quick sketch of the new H&M Fall collection. 
The dreadful Summerweather we are having is making me look at Fall clothing. 

Luisa Beccaria

Work in progress - Luisa Beccaria

I must be influenced by seeing Bridesmaids yesterday. So much frill (and dare I say it too much pink! - but great fun!)!!
I am usually not fond of lots of frill and fluff, but I do love this image of a model wearing a Luisa Beccaria dress.
Luisa Beccaria is known for  magnificent dresses. Floaty, feminine and spectacular.

Now I am forever struggling with my scanner. Somehow all the scans never do the drawing or painting justice.
I scanned this sketch two ways...not sure which I do prefer. 
Will add a touch of coloured ink later this morning. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Today I stayed home with a the afternoon I felt slightly better and really wanted to do something, so I started drawing. Because of my head I chose a simple drawing.
This was done with some very old crayons I found when cleaning a while ago. They are like 20 years old. They are in bad shape, so throwing them away, but I did do this drawing with them. They have glitters in them which unfortunately can't be seen on this scan :-(

Well I am going back to bed...head is killing me.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Karen Elson

I started this drawing of Karen Elson, because A. I love her music and B. I love her style and RED HAIR!
So strangely enough I decided to leave the hair in black and white and opt for red/orange accents instead. Sometimes you just can plan with what you end up with. I like this! Do you?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Karen Elson

Did this sketch of Karen Elson in Grapithe.
Work in progress. Will finish it later this week. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dior haute couture collection Winter 2011

Dior, the Parisian house known for untouchably chic and bold designs has yet to choose a successor for Galliano, who was fired from his role as top designer in March after a video surfaced of him making anti-Semitic comments at a Parisian bar.

In his absence, studio head and longtime Galliano collaborator Bill Gaytten put together an eclectic collection.

Gaytten, helped by assistant Suzanna Venegas, gave an ecclectic show, with lots of different styles and influences. This to me was the weak point of the show, it lacked unity.
But I love all the colour and there is still the Dior touch there.

My favourites were the long flowing gowns with arms like wings! Superb!