Sunday, 11 September 2011

Solstice Scents Autumn Collection

I am a big fan of Solstice Scents perfumes. They are like a little journey to another place and time. I am always looking forward to finding out how they develope on my skin. I just can't stop sniffing my wrist when I am wearing their perfumes. They sell lots of other products as well, like houseperfume, soaps and bodybutters. Give them a try!
 Image inspired by Foxcroft perfume and Gucci

The new Autumn Collection by Solstice Scents has been released.
Because they all sounded great to me, I decided to order the sample pack first. This sample pack contains all 6 of their new Autumn Collection fragrances.

The package arrived quickly. It was filled with orange and black paper decorationstrips and little pumpkins in the box. So cute!

The perfumes:

Devil's Tongue
I personally love dark scents. I tend to prefer unisex or male perfumes to sweet feminine perfumes. So Devil's Tongue is perfect for me. It is a cyphre, which means it has fresh, green notes. I get a hint of oakmoss, patchouli, bergamot and labdanum. And there is definitely leather and tobacco there. Two ingredients I love in a perfume. I think this is a great blend, the notes work wonderful with eachother and the staying power is amazing. But I have found that all Solstice Scents perfumes have great staying power.
Bravo! A keeper!

Love, love, love! It is dark and intrigueing. Red musk is the dominant note. And I love it. I am a big musk fan. As a teenager I only wore White Musk (haha). This red musk is much more spicy and sensual. The Dragon's Blood is sweet and spicy and yes also mysterious and sensual. This is a very sexy perfume! Oh yes and there is a hint of smoke there as well. When this perfume dries down it turns more smooth and sweet, with hints of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.
Another new favourite!

I am starting to sound like a broken record. But I also love this new perfume. Woods, musk, incense (!!). It is sweet but with a minty note. This must be the Oud, a ceder/menthol like smell. Very nice. The dry down is wonderfully sweet with a smokey edge to it.
Great fragrance!

Thornwood Thicket
I started off thinking this was going to be the perfume I don't like. At first sniff I thought it was way too sweet. Too many sweet berries for my liking. But it dries down into something very interesting and surprising. A woodsy and golden rich smell takes over, the berries linger in the background. Not my favourite, but very good for daywear and when in a sweeter mood. Really nice.

Witch's Cottage

My first reaction was yuk, butter and sugar!. Lots of cacao and sheabutter. But after a while I started smelling herbs, spices, smoke and woods. It is too sweet and buttery for me. It makes my stomach a bit quiesy. But I never liked the smell of cacoabutter. It smells like salty caramel boiling on an open fire. Heavy and thick. However I do like the dry down smell of it. The incense and smoke come far more to the foreground.
I cannot make my mind up about this one. This is one of those journeys, it keeps changing. Not such a fan of the first steps in, but the dry down is quite delicious.

This one is so interesting. This perfume smells like Fall. It truely does.
It smells like rain on stone and damp soil, you know that particular smell of the crips autumn air. 
I smell lots of ferns, wood and leaves, wet leaves. It smells like fresh air!
This perfumes embodies the feeling of things changing. An feeling of unexpected sharpness, a swift elation and a sense of sadness and departure.
The perfume slowly changes to a sweeter and more comforting scent.  There's a hint of smoke and I smell licorice and that salty caramel again, but now not as sweet as in Witch's Cottage.

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