Monday, 5 December 2011

Evan Rachel Wood roars the 20's in Gucci

Actrice Evan Rachel Wood looks stunning in this chic flapper-inspired Gucci dress with matching 20's hairstyle.

I love the 20's influences in fashion. With its 2012 Spring/Summer Collection, Gucci unveiled a line that’s a throwback to the roaring 20s with a little modern rock-chic and vintage glamour mixed in. Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini, was inspired by the opulence and glamour of the “era of hedonism”. And with all that glittering gold, beading and tassels, the line is pure indulgent luxury.

I recentely watched the remake of Mildred Pierce and Evan Rachel Wood is great in it as the grown-up Veda Pierce.  Wood’s Veda blossoms from a precious brat into a full-blown monster, a sly seductress whose ambition and cunning are bottomless. It’s a high-wire performance, pressing up against the boundaries of Greek tragedy and campy excess, but Wood reins it in just enough to retain a sense of Veda’s twisted humanity.Excellent!

Evan Rachel Wood got her action on in this Frank Miller-directed short for Gucci.


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